a) Horizontal Centrifugal: Two machines with semi-automated coating & ejection system. Suitable to produce from dia. 150.00 mm to 650.00 mm & length 2000.00 mm.

b) Vertical Centrifugal: CCMCO- USA make model D type machine suitable to produce from up to Dia. 1000.00mm x 700.00mm height.

Melting & Pouring

500 Kgs and 300 Kgs- 350 KW Dual Track Medium Frequency Induction Furnace supplied by Inductotherm India Ltd. & Suitable metal handling equipment’s.


Complete separate dedicated area with all necessary equipments including, Grinding, Cutting, Shot blasting and Paint Booth required for finishing of castings.

Heat Treatment

LPG fired heat treatment furnace for 1.0 ton casting capacity, with water quenching facility.